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Marker Messes Got You Down?

Living in a COVID-19 world means spending more time at home with your loved ones, protecting yourself and others by wearing a mask, finding new and safe sources of entertainment, and wrangling your kids when their boredom gets the better of them.

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If your child has suddenly decided to embrace their inner-artist by scribbling abstract masterpieces on your walls, know that you're not alone! Cleaning supplies are harder to get a hold of these days but that doesn't mean all hope is lost for your poor walls.

Did you know you can erase marker with these regular household items?

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste lifts even the most stubborn marker stains from your walls. Spread a thin layer over the area and wait around 10 minutes before lightly rubbing a cloth over the stain. For best results, use white toothpaste rather than gel toothpaste.

2. Vegetable Oil

Yes, you read that right! Vegetable oil is an amazing solution for unwanted marker mayhem and easily available. Dip a cotton ball, q-tip, or soft cloth in a little bit of vegetable oil and rub over the stain until it's gone. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an extremely versatile product and often one we have stored in medicine cabinets for the occasional cut. Use a cotton ball, q-tip, or soft cloth to spread a small amount of rubbing alcohol over the area and lightly scrub until the stain is gone.

Every family has their own methods for treating these pesky messes. Share yours in the comments below.

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