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How to Freshen Up Your Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

South Carolina's lowcountry is a fantastic place to settle for many reasons including great food, intriguing ghost stories, beautiful architecture, stunning art, and did I already say great food? But, most natives can agree that wet winters don't make the list of best attributes.

If you have pets, the worst part of consistent rain is the inescapable scent of Eau de dog. Your home is your pet's whole world so of course they're going to spread out on the couch, roll around your favorite rug, and steal the blankets in your bed.

Our mattresses have a tendency of locking in odors, and because of their size and makeup, it's harder to remove those thick scents.

But, there is hope. If you want to deodorize your mattress, follow these steps!

1. Remove dust and residue from your mattress

Remove potential fur from your mattress with a dust buster or vacuum. For extra measure, flip your mattress to remove any additional stubborn fur or tracked dirt. If you're worried about excess pet hair, use a standard squeegee to pick up remaining fur.

2. Apply deodorizer to your mattress

Baking soda is a deodorizer that can be used for multiple household purposes such as easing odors in fridges, removing stains, and cleaning stainless steel. In order to freshen up your mattress, mix baking soda with your choice of essential oil such as Chamomile, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Sandalwood. Lavender is toxic to dogs and cats because it contains a small amount of Linalool.

3. Wait

You're going to want to wait at least an hour before you remove your mixture. During this time, clean your bedding. Hot water is best for removing dust mites, but make sure to read washing instructions for your bedding.

4. Vacuum your mattress

Vacuum your mattress with a genuine vacuum, as the baking soda might be too thick for the average dust buster.

5. Enjoy!

*Please keep in mind the amount of baking soda and essential oils you're using if you have sensitive skin.


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