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3 Ways You Can Tackle Christmas Cleanup

If you're anything like me, the moment the clock struck midnight on December 1st, you were singing Jingle Bell Rock, decorating your living room in a candy cane induced haze and planning multiple trips to the Festival of Lights. It was beautiful and lovely, and for a moment, you forgot all about the horrors of 2020.

Unfortunately, after a month of fake plastic snow flakes (because real snow in South Carolina is practically a myth) and entertaining your immediate family, it's time to pack the winter wonderland away until next year.

Here's three tips to ease your post-holiday stress:

1. Create Mini-Goals

It's hard to relax when your house looks like the holidays threw up in every single crevice. Similarly wrapped presents for your weird cousins from Florida are sitting awkwardly under your tree. Small pieces of wrapping paper and tinsel are keeping up the good fight, and there's a large BBQ stain on your white tablecloth from the cocktail weenies.

You're starting to think mess is an understatement.

Instead of looking at your holiday disaster as one big project, try breaking it into mini-goals. Focus solely on cleaning the bathroom, and then the kitchen, later moving to the living room. Don't feel like you have to clean the entirety of your house in one single day. Move at your own pace, and reward yourself as you go along.

The stocking candy that Santa left is definitely calling your name.

2. Be Kind to Your Future Self

Going too big is one of the joys of the holiday season. You enjoyed looking at your neighbor's huge light displays, and wearing a slightly tacky Santa hat unironically.

And inside your house, well, you kept the same energy.

It might seem like more work in the moment, but try to organize your decorations as you're taking them down. Not only will it be easier to fit everything if it's not just thrown in that old beat-up storage tote, but decorating next year will be a breeze.

For instance, carefully disassemble your Christmas tree when you pack it away. Nothing is more frustrating than having to rummage through those pointy faux-needles for a bottom branch, unless you factor in untangling those lights you casually threw in storage that are now knitted together in intricate patterns.

3. Recycle Silicon Packages

Those little packets that come in things such as purses and even certain foods labeled "Do Not Eat" are actually valuable when it comes to Christmas cleanup. You probably store your decorations in the attic, garage or shed.

Unfortunately, those locations aren't always ideal because of potential moisture. By placing silicone packages in your storage boxes, you could negate the effects of moisture on your expensive decorations and also prevent mildew from spreading.

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